One of the ways we can reduce inequity in compensation is being open about what our compensation is. This is doubly true for white guys like myself who tend to make more than women and BIPOC. To that end, I've gathered my income data for the entirety of my career (mostly in video game development), and presented it here. It's worth noting that 6 years of my career so far, was spent unemployed, or not-very-well self-employed (marked in red).
I used the "real wage or real wealth" conversion here to adjust these numbers for 2019:

The year labels mark the end of the year. The income I've listed per year is not an accurate salary amount, since most of my jobs have not started on a calendar year. You may want to open this image in a new window, for larger viewing.

To give a better idea of what my compensation actually was per job, I broke it out by employer. I've done my best to accurately remember or dig up the data if I have it. There will be some minor inaccuracies.
Help others out by adding your salary information to this public, anonymous database run by @EvvaKarr
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